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5 Reasons to Consider LASIK

If you dream about what it would be like to see without glasses, contacts, or squinting, you’re not alone. The World Health Organization estimates that more than a billion people worldwide are vision impaired in one, two, or all of the three major categories: farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

Have you considered laser vision correction? At Beverly Hills Ophthalmology in Beverly Hills and Torrance, California, our expert team has helped thousands of men and women see better with Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, or LASIK, as it’s commonly known. We’d love to help you, too. 

Perhaps you’re undecided about it, so we’d love to share our top-five reasons you should consider LASIK.

1. Improved eyesight

LASIK was introduced in 1999 and has been used countless thousands of times to help people improve their vision. In the 20 years since it debuted, LASIK outcomes have been closely monitored and reported. 

Success rates are nearly perfect and break out like this:

The surgery is so effective that 80% of LASIK patients don’t need their corrective lenses anymore

2. Patient satisfaction

A recent study of men and women who’ve had the procedure reveals that a whopping 96% of LASIK patients are extremely pleased with the results. No other elective procedure comes close to this level of customer satisfaction.

3. Cost savings over time

When you compare it to the lifetime costs of vision tests, contacts, glasses, and lenses, LASIK is a wise investment because it’s a permanent solution. You should also check with your insurance company to see if a percentage of the cost for the procedure is covered. Some plans also allow you to use your Health Savings Account to pay for LASIK.

4. Fast and transformative results

One of the most amazing things about LASIK is that you get immediate results. It takes about 24 hours for some residual blurriness to subside, and then you’ll notice that your vision is sharper and drastically improved. 

5. It’s quick

Would you believe that you can get 20/20 vision or close to it in less than half an hour? With the experienced care of one of our dedicated ophthalmologists, LASIK only takes 5-15 minutes per eye. That includes the time it takes to prepare your eye with numbing drops.

Bonus reason: It’s safe

LASIK is surgery, and every surgery comes with potential risks. However, serious complications from LASIK are very rare. Our surgeons are highly skilled, have a track record of excellence, and have safely performed hundreds of LASIK surgeries.

To learn more about LASIK, call one of our offices to set up a one-on-one consultation.

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