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What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases in which fluid builds up in your eye, causing pressure that damages the delicate optic nerve. Luckily we offer some of the best management options for glaucoma in Beverly Hills & Torrance. Some of the symptoms associated with glaucoma include:

  • Hazy vision
  • Rainbow-colored circles surrounding bright lights
  • Eye and head pain
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Blindness

It is often referred to as the “silent blinding disease” because the symptoms do not usually appear until the condition has become advanced. At this point, irreversible damage has begun to set in. Thankfully, glaucoma can be managed in almost all cases, slowing (or even preventing) the damage – but it must be identified early through routine eye exams.

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Am I a Candidate for Glaucoma Drainage Implants?

Glaucoma drainage implants are an effective solution for both adults who have developed glaucoma over time, and children born with genetic glaucoma.

It is ideal for those who are unable to maintain safe pressure levels in their eyes with medication alone, or who desire a long-term solution to reduce dependency on medication.

As with any medical procedure, your candidacy for a glaucoma drainage implant will be determined after a comprehensive evaluation of your condition, medical history review, and consultation. If you choose to receive a glaucoma drainage implant, you can expect a recovery period of several weeks, during which your ophthalmologist will carefully observe your eye and ensure your successful recovery from the procedure. If you're ready to learn more about your options for glaucoma in Beverly Hills & Torrance, contact us today! 

What is a Glaucoma
Drainage Implant?

The traditional long-standing surgical option to reduce the pressure associated with glaucoma involves placing a glaucoma drainage implant. These devices effectively re-route the fluid that would otherwise build up at the surface of your eye back to a plate placed on your eye, where your body re-absorbs it. This form of glaucoma treatment is highly effective at managing glaucoma by slowing or preventing damage to the optic nerve and preserving your vision.

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Glaucoma Drainage Implants: Your options

While the most common treatment for glaucoma is the use of medicated eye drops, this is sometimes not enough. It is also expensive and troublesome in the long-term, leading many to look for a solution that reduces dependency on eye drops. At Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology, we offer four different types of glaucoma drainage implants:

  • Ahmed FP7
  • Ahmed Clear Path
  • Baerveldt
  • Molteno

Our highly trained and experienced ophthalmology team will evaluate your condition and discuss the various options with you and help determine which option is best for your unique condition.

Additional Glaucoma
Treatment Options

Why Choose Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology?

  • Our respected team of ophthalmologists comprises the longest-running and best-established ophthalmology group in Beverly Hills and offers unparalleled experience and professional knowledge.
  • We stay at the forefront of scientific advances in the field of eye care, thereby providing our patients with the latest and most effective treatments for any condition.
  • Our patient-first approach means that you will receive the care, attention, and personal help you need to best manage or treat your condition. Everything we do is completely tailored to YOU, and you can be confident that you will walk out with the best possible result.
  • All of this and more is why we're one of the best options when choosing a specialist to help you with your glaucoma in the Beverly Hills & Torrance areas.
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