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Goniotomy is an effective alternative to surgical implants for glaucoma. This treatment involves the careful excision of small areas of the blocked drainage system that prevents fluid from draining correctly.

It is the ideal treatment for children who suffer from congenital glaucoma, and it is also an effective treatment for many patients who suffer from open-angle glaucoma and who are looking for a lasting result.

The results from a successful goniotomy can provide relief of the intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma, reduced dependency on medication, and help prevent irreversible damage to your optic nerve.

What is goniotomy?

Goniotomy is an advanced surgical procedure in which your surgeon uses a unique lens (called a goniolens) to view the structures in the front part of the eye. The surgeon is then able to use advanced surgical devices to make careful openings in the trabecular meshwork, which is a group of tiny canals that allow fluid to leave the eye. These surgical openings then enable fluid to flow naturally, reducing the pressure and treating glaucoma.

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Who is a candidate for goniotomy?

Goniotomy is an effective treatment for many forms of glaucoma and can be performed on patients of all ages. You might be an ideal candidate for goniotomy if you suffer from:

  • Open-angle glaucoma
  • Congenital glaucoma
  • Aniridia (a condition where a child is born with no visible iris, as up top 75% of patients with aniridia develop glaucoma)
  • Uveitic glaucoma related to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  • Juvenile open-angle glaucoma

It can be performed as a standalone surgery, or in combination with cataract surgery. Children can undergo goniotomy as an infant or toddler, which can help avoid childhood blindness and give children a chance to experience an excellent quality of life.

Why choose Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology for goniotomy?

Goniotomy is an intricate procedure that should only be performed by surgeons who have the knowledge and expertise needed to do it properly.

At Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology, our top-level team of ophthalmologists utilizes scientifically advanced systems to carefully and effectively perform goniotomy on patients of all ages, including:

  • Kahook Dual Blade
  • TrabEx

Our surgeons take a highly personalized approach to each patient, using their extensive knowledge and experience to determine which tools and treatments will be most effective for your unique condition. You can be confident you are in the best of hands and will be provided with an unparalleled level of service for the best possible outcome.

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