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The anatomy, function, and focal action of the eyes is rather technical. Simply stated, however, if you and your ophthalmologist have discussed the benefits and possibilities of cataract surgery and have settled on the procedure, you will typically need some form of lens replacement. That means having a new synthetic “intraocular lens,” or IOL, safely and carefully set in place of your existing, and currently defective in some way, natural lens.
The IQ Vivity™ IOL by AcrySof® is one of the many excellent IOL options available here at Beverly Hills Ophthalmology.

What are IQ Vivity™ lenses?

Released in early 2021, the IQ Vivity™ intraocular lenses by AcrySof® are among the very latest lenses available and are well suited to patients desiring functional near vision (20/32), excellent mid-range vision (20/25), and excellent monofocal-like distance vision (20/20).
The lenses leverage AcrySof’s proprietary X-WAVE™ technology and feature two smooth surface transition elements that work to seamlessly stretch and shift incoming light in such a way as to allow excellent and uninterrupted vision at multiple depths and distances. The first and most elevated surface of the lenses helps extend the focal range, while a second transition surface element with a slight curvature allows your eyes to make use of all available light.

Features and benefits of the IQ Vivity™ lenses

With a 93 percent patient satisfaction rate, Vivity™ IOLs are well suited to patients in need of cataract surgery and astigmatism correction. The lenses boast impressive results with just 2 percent of patients reporting bothersome starbursts, 1 percent of patients experiencing halos, and no patients reporting being bothered by glares. Compared to other available IOL alternatives, these properties are impressive and should mean that you, too, can experience vastly improved vision over what you might currently be experiencing.

  • 94 percent of patients using IQ Vivity™ lenses reported “good to very good” vision far away without eyeglasses
  • 92 percent of patients using IQ Vivity™ lenses reported “good to very good” vision at arm’s length without eyeglasses
  • 90 percent of patients using IQ Vivity™ lenses were satisfied with their results and would get the lenses again.

Who is a good candidate for Vivity lenses?

During an in-person consultation, our expert staff will help you decide if these lenses are right for you and your unique needs, or whether another IOL option would be better.

AcrySof’s IQ Vivity™ intraocular lenses are indicated for use in cataract surgery and astigmatism correction. There are technical factors, such as the extent or degree of astigmatism you may be experiencing, that could preclude you from being an ideal candidate for these lenses and our staff will thoroughly apprise you of these with the FDA-approved patient information as well as by thoroughly answering any questions you may have.

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