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Cataracts are the number one cause of blindness for people the world over, with an estimated 20 million people experiencing the inability to see, 51 percent of them due to cataracts. If you and your eye care professional have discussed the risks and benefits of cataract surgery and are planning to go forward with the procedure, you will likely be choosing an intraocular lens, or IOL, as the most common and effective treatment for the condition.
During the surgical procedure, your existing natural eye lens that is presently defective is carefully replaced with a synthetic lens. Multiple such lenses exist and each has its own unique features, risks, benefits, and ideal candidates.

What are Eyhance™ lenses?

The brand-new TECNIS Eyhance™ IOLs are a new “intraocular lens” that is FDA approved for use in patients with cataracts. It adds to your long-term vision correction options if you are considering cataract surgery.

The new TECNIS Eyhance™ IOLs are the first monofocal lenses designed to extend the depth of focus. Their unique shape extends a patient’s focus and improves contrast in low light conditions by 30 percent. Backed by years of evolution, and at least five published studies, the TECNIS Eyhance™ Intraocular Lenses by Johnson & Johnson were FDA approved in February 2021.

Features and benefits of the Eyhance™ lenses

Many patients undergoing cataract surgery have traditionally chosen (or had no other choice than to choose) a monofocal lens that was designed to help them see either close-up or at a distance—but not both simultaneously. As such, one eye would typically have been implanted with a lens for distance vision while the other was implanted with a lens for close-up vision.

The new TECNIS Eyhace™ lenses are a uniquely designed monofocal that rather than being a uniformly focused lens is actually set to one refractive power along the edges of the lens, that then transitions into a different refractive power at the center of the lens, allowing for improved vision at long distances, medium distances, and close-up. This same contour and transition also allow for improved nighttime vision.

Patients using TECNIS Eyhance™ lenses report fewer incidences of halos, glare, and other visual disturbances. Depending on the condition of your eyes and the current state of your vision, the Eyhance™ lenses may make eyeglasses unnecessary, or allow you to wear them less often, such as when reading.

Who is a good candidate for Eyhance™ lenses?

Due to the exacting technical nature of the eyes and replacement lenses and because each person’s eyes and vision vary greatly, candidacy for Eyhance™ lenses and other cataract surgery lens replacement options are always determined after careful personal consultation.

Our renowned cataract surgery experts will help you determine if Eyhance lenses are right for you or whether another IOL option would be better.

Most patients with Eyhance™ IOLs should be able to experience clear vision throughout most everyday activities, barring those that require up-close vision for which eyeglasses may still be indicated.

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