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TECNIS ® Multifocal IOL


High-Quality Vision for Day and Night

The TECNIS ® Multifocal IOL is another option for cataract lens replacement surgery, and can provide patients with high-quality vision at any distance and in any light condition. The TECNIS ® Multifocal IOL is similar in design to the ReSTOR® IOL, but the TECNIS ® has its multifocal optic in the rear lens surface and the ReSTOR® IOL has its multifocal on the front surface. There are subtle differences in edge design and in the near-intermediate-distance focusing portions of the lens.

TECNIS ® Multifocal IOLs specialize in giving patients the ability to drive, as you are able to focus on near distances, such as the dashboard, as well as intermediate distance, such as the car in front of you, and far distances, such as road signs and obstacles up ahead. In addition, TECNIS ® Multifocal Surgery improves vision in any light, so driving at night can once again can become a possibility.

Learn more at the TECNIS ® product website.

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