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IntraLase TM FS Laser


All-Laser LASIK, the Ultimate in Laser Vision Correction

IntraLase TM FS Laser provides entirely blade-free LASIK. In the past, surgeons used a hand-held blade called a microkeratome to create the flap in a LASIK procedure. LASIK is extremely safe, but if complications do occur, the microkeratome often is the cause. The IntraLase TM Method, by contrast, is a 100% blade-free approach to corneal flap creation – enabling the surgeon to create an individualized LASIK flap without a blade ever touching your eye.

In a clinical survey of LASIK patients who had their corneal flaps created using a microkeratome in one eye and the IntraLase TM Method in the other, patients preferred the vision in the IntraLase TM treated eye 3 to 1 over the microkeratomes. The IntraLase TM Method enables your doctor to tailor the LASIK flap according to the shape of your eye. This is important because everyone’s eyes are shaped a little differently, and having a corneal flap that’s individualized to your eye will help your doctor ensure that you get the best possible results. Clinical studies show excellent visual outcomes and high patient satisfaction when the IntraLase TM Method is used.

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