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Monovision Correction (RLE)


Replacing your Lens to Correct Near and Distance Vision

Monovision with Refractive Lens Exchange

Monovision is a way to correct presbyopia, which occurs in nearly all adults over the age of 45.

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia occurs when age-related changes in the proteins in the natural lens of the eye make the lens more rigid and less flexible. Also, muscles surrounding the lens may lose their elasticity. As the lens becomes less flexible and not able to change shape as easily as it used to, the eye has a harder time focusing on near objects. This is why middle-aged people often find themselves holding reading material farther away to be able to see it clearly.

In monovision correction, one eye is corrected to see near objects and the other eye is corrected to see distant objects through clear lens replacement. This concept sounds confusing, and there is an adjustment period while the brain learns to sort out the visual system. In a week to 10 days, many people who receive monovision can see near and distant objects. Monovision compromises depth-perception, and there are small compromises in your visual clarity, so monovision correction is not recommended for people with extremely precise visual needs.

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