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Myopia, commonly referred to as nearsightedness, is a very common vision problem that means you have poor distance vision. Very mild myopia may not require vision correction, but if it’s severe, you may need major vision correction or a long-term fix like laser surgery. The skilled ophthalmology team at Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology in Beverly Hills and Torrance, California, designs customized solutions for myopia, based on your specific needs. Click the online scheduler or call the office for myopia help today.

Myopia Q & A

What is myopia?

Myopia is nearsightedness. If you see well up-close but squint at any significant distance, you likely have myopia. You may not need vision correction if you have mild myopia, but most myopia sufferers need to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses. If you’re tired of wearing glasses or contacts, LASIK or another laser eye surgery can correct your myopia long-term.

What are the signs of undiagnosed myopia?

If you have undiagnosed myopia, you may experience some of the following symptoms.

  • Headaches
  • The need to squint frequently
  • Blurry vision

If you use over-the-counter glasses, you may notice that they’re no longer doing the job if you have undiagnosed myopia. If you have any of these symptoms, you can get effective vision correction with glasses or contact lenses, or long-term correction with laser surgery.

What causes myopia?

If you have myopia, your eyeball lengthens from front-to-back, and that distortion causes the vision problems. The exact reason for this is uncertain, although genetics plays a part. Myopia may also develop if your cornea is overly curved or if your eye lenses are over thick.

Am I a good candidate for myopia eye surgery?

If you need myopia correction, whether it’s eyeglasses or contact lenses, on a constant basis, you might want to consider myopia eye surgery. With surgery like LASIK, you can get long-term vision correction after one short surgical procedure.

For LASIK surgery, you need enough healthy corneal tissue for your surgeon to create a small incision (the flap) in its upper layer. If you don’t have enough corneal tissue for a flap, your Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology surgeon may recommend an alternative like LASEK or PRK surgery instead.

The best candidates for myopia correction surgery have stable vision for at least a year, with no serious eye disease or conditions. Additionally, you should have the same eye prescription for two to three years prior to your surgery.

If you have dry eye, that doesn’t necessarily exclude you from getting myopia correction. Your ophthalmologist will treat the dry eye and make sure it’s fully resolved before you have laser eye surgery because the surgery can worsen dry eye.

For myopia correction that lasts, trust the expert surgeons at Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology for help. Book your appointment online or by phone now.