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Comprehensive Eyecare


Making Your Vision Our Number One Priority 

Many people value their vision more than any other of the five senses. Truly, good vision is essential for performing many routine tasks, learning in the classroom, enjoying a variety of hobbies, sports and activities, and for getting around independently. What’s more, the health of the eye can reveal a number of clues about overall health. An eye doctor performing a comprehensive examination can sometimes be the first health care provider to detect certain systemic diseases.

For all these reasons, Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology provides comprehensive eyecare for people of all ages. From infant screening to school-age checkups, contact lens fitting and providing a “40 something” adult with his or her first-ever reading glasses, a full range of services and products are provided here in our office. Comprehensive eyecare is provided for people who are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism or presbyopia (as well as for those who may have an eye-related medical condition, need cataract surgery, or other forms of advanced surgical care).


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